the paper apostle (spockrock) wrote in ottawasingles,
the paper apostle

Open letter

Is anyone in this community still single? Seems pretty dead in here.

I'm honestly really frustrated right now. I'm looking for a long-term relationship with a guy. And that seems pretty hard to do. Maybe it's me? I doubt it, I think I just have either bad luck, timing, or taste. Likely a combination of all of those things.

I'm 21, female, a student, and visual artist. I work with mixed media, graphic design, type face, and photography. A huge chunk of my life is devoted to music. I'm pretty shy and quite, and sometime I think I let music speak for me. I'm pierced and tattooed, and I think of this as an extension of not only myself but my art. I read a lot, spending a lot of time at the library. Hey, I'm there right now. I like manga, and graphic novels in addition to novels, and just about anything printed, be it texts, magazines, newspapers. I like to go out for coffee, or a drink. I like to take long walks around Chinatown and Centreville, where I live. I like going to shows, traveling to Toronto and Montreal often to see shows as well.

While it'd be really nice to meet someone with some or all the same intersets as me, I really do also just like getting to know people. I think people are amazing as long as they're passionate about something, no matter what that is.

If any of the above interests you please comment. We can talk on MSN or through e-mail and just start things off with no real direction or definition in mind.
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