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hello [18 Nov 2010|02:41am]

hello again! have u seen my best girlfriend live ???? well she is now live on dirtystage href="http://camcam.ulinks.net/"> watch it now or try it later

Bars in Ottawa [26 Jul 2009|01:29am]

Hi everyone. This is my first post here, but I was wondering if any of you might know of some bars that have similar music and environment as the LIVE Lounge on York St.

Went there tonight and I loved it. The music was great and the patrons were friendly (then I got dragged over to The Liqour Store). Any suggestions would be awesome!

Thanks guys!
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Past Reflections [08 Jan 2009|01:49pm]

One of my new years resolutions is to get rid of things I don't need (material and electronic), clearing out the thousands upon thousands of e-mails that gmail has collected for me is one of my first steps. In doing so I came across the survey results (do we remember the matchmaking survey from oh so long ago?) and a few e-mails from members about it. It made me wonder how everyone is doing.
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Hello? Is this thing on? [29 Oct 2008|03:15pm]

I was wandering Livejournal and realized that while I've probably been a member for a long time, I may not have ever posted here. I was going to respond to Mydwit's Update post but then, it's 4 months old so who'd notice a new comment? So, I've flagrantly ignored Mydwit's request for comments rather than posts... I apologize in advance
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Update [15 Jun 2008|09:59pm]

Welcome to new members!!

I have a crazy case of Vertigo, so I'm not really up to going for any new events, I am willing to organize a trip to Britannia again this July if someone wants to oversee it?

It's been awhile since people have really chatted on here (I blame the Facebook craze.... although I'm a Facebookaholic so I should shut up)

SO, for anyone still loving LJ (or randomly checking it), lets do an update of our members:

Sexual Orientation:
What do you do in life? (school/work/prefer not to say etc)
What are your interests?
What do you look for in a mate?
Are you on any other dating communities? (POF, eharmony etc?)

anything else you want to post.

(post as a comment, not a new post as it'll be easier for members to read and friend walls wont get flooded)
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Mental Illness [03 Feb 2008|03:18pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I have a question for you all:

Would you date someone who has mental illness(es) who is  on medication and working towards getting better?

How would you want it presented to you? Do you want the person to inform you straight off or do you think you would need to get to know them some before you can handle that information?

I'm just curious because I suffer from mental illness. Several in fact and I was curious to see what the general consensus is on this topic.

Personally, to me, mental illness is no different than diabetes. So long as the person is in treatment, and doing what they can to keep the symptoms under control I am happy. I like to see a drive to improve, get healthy in my partners and to me this is no different.
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New Ottawa Single! [26 Jan 2008|01:51am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

My name is Kristina, and I am 24. I don't like labels but I will list a few that fit me somewhat: agnostic, animal lover (cats, dogs, generally furry creatures), art lover, carnivore, gamer, geek, introvert, kinky, lesbian, me, nature lover, pet owner (or, is it owned by pets), poly, single and switch. Looking for friendship, dating and if I come across the right person, or people long term relationship. Though my main pursuit right now is to meet new women, and build friendships. I own two cats, one of which is named Wire, so being comfortable around them is a must.

I live in Gatineau – Hull and love hanging out in downtown Ottawa. I enjoy coffee shops but am not a big fan of coffee unless it's sweet like Tim Hortons cappuccino or some other yummy variation from elsewhere. People watching is a fun activity for me and I'm pleased to sit in malls, parks, clubs and simply watch. I am a good bag, coat and drink watcher at clubs as I don't dance because I have two left feet and have bad knees but like most things if someone is willing to teach me and not laugh at my attempts I could be up for just about anything.

I enjoy nature and feel re-energized when I have the opportunity to walk in a forest, canoe in a lake, or whatnot. I grew up in the country and now live down the street from a McDonalds so I would really appreciate meeting someone who enjoys nature too who can come sit, walk, picnic, camp and canoe with me. However, despite my pull towards nature I do enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city so I don't know if I'm a city mouse or country mouse.

I really enjoy working on or with computers. I build them, work with them, and learn new things about them on a daily basis. I build websites from the ground up – code to graphics and everything. I really enjoy this kind of work and really get absorbed by it. I'm also a bit of a gamer, and am addicted to World of Warcraft. I own 3 computers, use MSN, and googletalk – own a webcam and a microphone.

From people to my random diversions I like to see, and figure out how things tick. I find humans fascinating and love to imagine how people think. I love dissecting human behaviour and turn I have learned to be very open minded, and loving individuality. I like all kinds of different people and enjoy the company of people from various walks of life, however, when it gets down to it I prefer one on one company.

I am intellectual and enjoy deep conversations from the meaning of life, to whether we really exist to the most ridiculous things like “The pants command me – Do not ignore my veins!” (Points if you know the reference). I enjoy learning and this sends me looking for projects, and things to absorb and when I can't find anything I feel restless and like my mind is turning to mush. I enjoy television but don't have cable – yes, figure that one out! I adore Will and Grace, Firefly, Stargate-SG1, and Family guy, and am working on collecting lesbian and gay themed movies. I am a sci-fi, action, mushy romantic comedy fan. I enjoy watching a bit of everything the only exception to the rule is horror.

I hope that my search leads me to a lot of different types of women.

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M.I.A. [01 Oct 2007|08:00pm]

Hey everyone.

I've been M.I.A. the past few months.... well, probably longer than that.  I've had a lot of stuff going on in my life, but it's mostly all better now.

How is everyone doing?

I was thinking about planning an outing at the beginning-mid November.  Who would be interested?

Who's still single?
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Open letter [12 Sep 2007|04:01pm]

Is anyone in this community still single? Seems pretty dead in here.

I'm honestly really frustrated right now. I'm looking for a long-term relationship with a guy. And that seems pretty hard to do. Maybe it's me? I doubt it, I think I just have either bad luck, timing, or taste. Likely a combination of all of those things.

I'm 21, female, a student, and visual artist. I work with mixed media, graphic design, type face, and photography. A huge chunk of my life is devoted to music. I'm pretty shy and quite, and sometime I think I let music speak for me. I'm pierced and tattooed, and I think of this as an extension of not only myself but my art. I read a lot, spending a lot of time at the library. Hey, I'm there right now. I like manga, and graphic novels in addition to novels, and just about anything printed, be it texts, magazines, newspapers. I like to go out for coffee, or a drink. I like to take long walks around Chinatown and Centreville, where I live. I like going to shows, traveling to Toronto and Montreal often to see shows as well.

While it'd be really nice to meet someone with some or all the same intersets as me, I really do also just like getting to know people. I think people are amazing as long as they're passionate about something, no matter what that is.

If any of the above interests you please comment. We can talk on MSN or through e-mail and just start things off with no real direction or definition in mind.
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Happy Birthday to the OS Community (if it still exists!) [23 Aug 2007|07:12pm]

And now for today's birthday riddle:

What goes in HARD and STIFF and comes out SOFT and STICKY?

AnswerCollapse )
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OS Birthday? [14 Aug 2007|09:50pm]

Haven't been writing much on here lately. I just happened to notice that this Community's "birthday" is next week, and maybe we're overdue for an event? Any thoughts? Complaints? Scheduling conflicts?
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Is this community dead? [28 Jun 2007|05:10pm]

We even missed on my birthday and it has been 2-3 months since our last outing. What's going on?
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xD [20 May 2007|03:35am]

Guess who's single again... lol

I dunno what the hours at my new job will be like after next week, but I hope we can put together an outing sometime soon :)
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Reschedule Event [08 Apr 2007|08:29pm]

Hey everyone, I'm going to reschedule the Cue and Cushion/Bar outing for early May instead of the end of April (I'll put up date options in a few days)

Due to dates being not that great for people, and for personal reasons.
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So... [08 Apr 2007|12:57pm]

I'm moving to Sudbury so I'd just like to say that it's a shame I didn't get to meet up with you guys more than just the one time w/ bowling. Still gonna be in the group I guess, just not in Ottawa ;)

I'm going tomorrow morning at ten, looking forward to the 7 hour bus trip...:P
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Next Outing [04 Apr 2007|08:59pm]

While we're waiting for the Museum/Imax outing to run, I've been asked to do another Pool outing.

So for the Cue & Cushion followed by a pub/bar:

Poll #960587 Cue and Cushion Outing:

Which Day Is Best For You:

Friday April 27th
Saturday April 28th
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Rescheduling event for another time [30 Mar 2007|07:14pm]

It's been pretty much agreed by most that we should reschedule the event for another time.
So we will.
Keep an eye out for an upcoming poll on when we should reschedule.
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Final Decision On Tomorrow's Event [30 Mar 2007|11:50am]

There are 3 who are hoping to attend tomorrow's imax/museum event and 4 undecided. I want to throw this poll out there for those 7 people to answer. Whatever is voted will be the final decision. Please don't vote unless you were planning to attend or were undecided.

Poll #957035 Final Decision

Of the 7 people who are either wanting to go or maybe attending, here are some options...

I definitely want to go to the museum/imax event tomorrow
It would probably be best to reschedule for when there are more people available to attend
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Shameless advertising [29 Mar 2007|05:40pm]

Hey everyone just thought some of you might be interested in joining blindmetropolis. Its one of those time waisting communities where you answer questions anoymously and what not. Enjoy.
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Museum RSVP Poll [28 Mar 2007|09:40pm]

Poll #955998 Museum RSVP

Will you be attending the museum/imax outing on Saturday?


You are coming for...

Both museum and imax
Just the museum portion
Just the imax portion
I'm not coming but I love answering polls

Would you like me to wear a sign saying OttawaSingles so you can easily find me?

Yes - I fear not finding the group
Yes - I just want to see you wear a goofy sign
No - I think I can find you guys
No - I don't want people knowing I'm single
I don't care
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