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Hello? Is this thing on?

I was wandering Livejournal and realized that while I've probably been a member for a long time, I may not have ever posted here. I was going to respond to Mydwit's Update post but then, it's 4 months old so who'd notice a new comment? So, I've flagrantly ignored Mydwit's request for comments rather than posts... I apologize in advance

Name: Chris

Gender: Male

Age: 40, yeah, it is a scary number

Sexual Orientation: straight

What do you do in life? (school/work/prefer not to say etc) I'm a webmaster and wide area network administrator though I'm currently questioning how I got here and if I want to stay

What are your interests? Mostly, I'm a gamer. My current favourites are Oblivion, Lord of the Rings Online, City of Heroes, Neverwinter Nights 2 and I just picked up Hellgate: London, which I'm enjoying more than expected. What else? I don't watch much TV. I have a few shows I watch regularly but my schedule's kind of wonky so I record everything and watch when I have time. So, favourite shows... Smallville, Supernatural, Fringe, Family Guy, Eureka, Sarah Silverman, Heroes.

What do you look for in a mate? Smart, sassy (is that still a word?), buff

Are you on any other dating communities? (POF, eharmony etc?) Yeah, I'm on plentyofish, eHarmony, Yahoo! Personals and OkCupid. Things look pretty bleak but I must admit that I'm not trying too hard. I'm probably way too much of an introvert for dating sites, possibly too much of an introvert for dating, period.

anything else you want to post: alright, what else? As per the usual midlife crisis, I've been looking at things I've left behind or let slip away. My 30's were a complete write-off and I let myself get pudgy so my big thing these days is fitness. I just got off a strict low-carb diet, having lost 40lbs and I hired a personal trainer at the Kanata Goodlife. I used to be skinny. All too recently, I was fat. Now, I want to be buff so I'm hoping to see a six-pack by next summer... and I don't mean Guinness... actually, that too.

I'm also renewing my love of P!nk. I saw her new album, Funhouse was being released and I remembered having a serious crush on her so I've been collecting her CDs (3/5 so far). I think if I could meet a woman like her - confident, intelligent, buff... yeah, if I did meet a woman like her, I'd immediately go out and buy a lottery ticket or I'd try really hard to stay asleep before the alarm clock ruined it.

Did I mention that I can be a bit cynical?
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